Shiri Zinn glass dildos are encrusted with premium Swarovski crystals set securely into the glass by makers of Formula One Trophies & Rolls Royce silversmiths, while others are dappled with unique patterns & colours by the finest English glassmakers, lovingly handcrafted from deluxe Darlington molten crystal glass.

All Shiri Zinn glass dildos have an unusually heavyweight feel, apart from the etched mirror glass range crafted by a leading European contemporary glass studio. Shiri Zinn love eggs & stoppers form the jewel in the crown of her signature collection; each piece presented in its own handcrafted, satin-lined case. These luxury glass dildos and eggs double as fine art pieces on the mantelpiece or dresser, standing the test of time. They are romantic gifts of unashamed, decadent luxury; no two pieces are EVER the same…even each love egg is utterly unique!

  • Crafted from high quality English Darlington crystal glass for a heavier feel than Pyrex
  • Adorned with REAL Swarovski crystals
  • All glass is presented in handcrafted boxes with satin lining
  • Each piece is unique; no two are EVER the same
  • Pieces double as elegant ornaments (beautiful metal display stands available)

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