Dominating Sex Toys - Part 2

I walk away. This time I’m being kind and I close the window. 

Except for my double penetration strapon, I’m naked from the waist down and was getting a little chilly myself. I’ll leave him to sweat it out for a bit and he can warm the room up nicely for me. 

“Hey! Where are you going?” he asks, as I close the bedroom door with a click. 

I dance away and put on some of my favourite tunes, helping myself to a glass of fizz from the fridge and twirl past the windows, those massive floor to ceiling windows, so high up they make you feel like you’re in a flying goldfish bowl. 

I wonder if anyone can see me. I bet my silhouette looks flipping fantastic: my firm breasts, round arse and a cock. I peer through the glass. The next blocks are offices. No tinted windows. He keeps a pair of binoculars on the bookshelf – the tall, deep bookshelf with only two books on it, the rest of the shelves filled with Shiri Zinn toys. 

I grab the binoculars and scan the office windows. Something catches my eye. 

There’s a couple in one of the offices. She’s got her arse pressed up against the glass and he’s pumping away biting or sucking at her neck, I can’t tell from here, but I want to get closer. I want to see more. 

Suddenly he looks up and it feels like he looks me straight in the eye. I move the binoculars away from my face and realise he can’t have seen me, not really, they’re just a dot now, a small moving shape. I look again, touching myself…

I’m nearly there when I hear him shout from the bedroom. I slowly place the binoculars back on the bookshelf, on a different shelf to see if he notices, to see if he works out that I know what he does when I’m not here. My man the voyeur. I didn’t know he had it in him. 

The middle shelf of the bookcase is where his keeps his prize possessions: a stunning array of erotic glass in black and white, blues, purples, amber. All crazily beautiful and all from For each one there is on the shelf, there’s another to match it in the bedroom. That was my idea. 

I pick up my favourite, well the one that’s my favourite right at that moment – a black and white horn with twisted swirls of glass, shaped to touch just the right places – and walk back into the bedroom. 

I’m stuffing the gag back in his mouth as he tries to chastise me for leaving him too long. 

I bite his neck, leaving marks just visible enough for his wife to see but, as I’m generous it’s on the back of his neck, so if he’s careful he can hide them. Not that I give a crap, let her see for all I care, but I know I need to be careful. I know it’ll take more time and, if I force it, he might not comply. But right now, right here, he’s mine, every part of him, and every part of him will comply. 

I put the mask back on him and straddle his back. He can feel how wet I am and he’s squirming beneath me trying to get more of it. I move down over the top of his buttocks, then move back as I reach for the lube. I rub it onto him and myself, onto the bdsm role play strap and cock. 

It’s time to turn the heat up...     

To be continued

by Mishca C