The Black Choker Diaries – Part 32 – Not a girl-gin anymore

The girl lies on the soft mattress in the crook of the man’s arm and watches with fascination and a little sadness. Her brown eyes study the blonde woman who has just taken her, to whom she has just given herself, her sort of virginity, well, she muses, to her and the gorgeous leather strapon harness and dildo.

The woman undoes the harness’s straps with care, both for the lovely harness and to display her own beauty to the two pairs of eyes on her.

As the girl watches with the heavy muscles of the man’s shoulder making a soft and comforting pillow and she revels in the touch of the man’s body against her and marvels at how the woman flaunts her beauty without the slightest trace of self-consciousness.

Indeed, once free of the harness the woman stalks towards the bed like a huntress. She climbs up onto the bed, crawls over the forms of her lovers, and first kisses the husband’s lips and then the girl’s before silently directing the girl to kiss her husband. As the girl kisses the man the woman stretches out languidly on the other side of her, resting her head on one hand and toying with the gold and black 6 inch dildo in the other, “And one more.” She says when they are done, and holds the gleaming black and gold luxury dildo up to her. When she kisses it she finds its surface still warm from her own insides and, on a whim opens her mouth to allowing the woman to slide it into her there too if she so wishes.

The woman’s delighted response rewards her, “What a good girl you are.” and she slowly introduces the gleaming black ceramic into the girl’s waiting mouth. It feels daring, and very submissive, doing this while two pairs of eyes watch her lavish her attention on the hard surface as she would a man. She continues to suck contentedly until it no longer tastes of her own juices.

Seeing her attention fade the woman has further directions for her, “Now that you’ve attended to one lover…” her eyes complete the instruction and the girl transfers her attention from the ceramic toy to the man’s erection. The blonde kisses her husband and praises the girl, stroking her hair as she does and then after a silent conversation smiles to herself and turns to her bedside, carefully setting the toy aside and picking up a long black jewellery case like box.

She loves the box and its contents, the gorgeous amber deluxe glass dildo from, a gift from her husband, even the look and touch of the box is a kind of foreplay, and its weight certainly is. A sense of theatre holds her back from opening it yet though, instead she moulds herself up against his body and rests the box on his broad chest. It’s enough of a hint, but he’s enjoying the attentions of the girl’s mouth and gives her a devilish look as he rocks his hips in time to her sucking delaying, enjoying, teasing, but only for so long.

To be continued …

Master E