Leather Ankle Cuffs

Compared to conventional leather ankle-cuffs, our vegan leather ankle cuffs take on an entirely new meaning by combining functional design with exquisitely decorated beadwork and feathers to achieve something unique in the fetish world. Hand stitched to perfection, offered in faux ostrich gold leather or plain vegan black leather with gold trim, each mid-section is bejewelled with pearls or gold beads and feather. The pair of cuffs is also double-backed for functional strength and durability at its mid-section, while its metal buckles allow the user to adjust each cuff to secure each ankle perfectly once bound. 

BDSM Ankle cuffs introduce your lover to consensual fetish domination / submission, restraint, role-play, pain for pleasure and forfeit of control. Each ankle cuff allows perfect fit with adjustable, wide straps and generous metal buckle holes for comfortable fastening when submissive partner is bound. The gold cuffs match our gold fetish accessories, while the smooth black leather cuffs match our black fetish pieces. No two cuffs are exactly alike, each piece unique...

These luxury fetish ankle cuffs can be purchased alone or as part of a matching, fashionable BDSM bondage set allowing you to select your own unique fetish kit that includes matching choker, spreader bar, strap-on dildo, strapon harness, gag, blindfold and spanking paddle from a variety of seductive colours. The fetish range is complimented by our range of luxury butt plugs and glass dildos. Order today to own some beautiful handmade fetish pieces!