Exquisite Bondage Kits

Luxury fetish collars, leads, strapons, ceramic dildos, gags, eye-masks, cuffs and paddles in 4 stunning colour choices

Beautiful Butt Plugs

Made of Glass

Femdom Leather Harnesses

Through quality and originality of design we can challenge prejudice and preconceived notions about sexuality

Strapon Dildos

Dominatrix elegance at its finest


Let your erotic fantasies guide you and take a peek at Shiri Zinn's luxury strap-on range handmade from the finest materials with love to break free from the cobwebs of outdated taboos and prejudices surrounding female sexuality…

From the home of pleasure, Shiri Zinn offers a newly-unveiled seductive range of exquisite bondage tools that includes sensually provocative ankle cuffs, handcrafted female harnesses in fine lambskin; ceramic strap-on dildos fired with real gold, vegan fetish chokers and leads, BDSM paddles, unique bondage gags and alluring eye-masks… All beautifully co-ordinated in matching bondage kits. With a sensually provocative palette of golds, teals, reds and blacks, Shiri Zinn includes something for every taste!

Focusing on serving your visual, tactile and sexual needs, many toys are in fact limited edition erotica, underpinning their intrinsic value and turning them into highly collectable rarity and fair trade works of art, fit for a worthy dominatrix, goddess or darling submissive lover. Whether bonded by a sexual obsession with one partner or indulgent in pure, high-end hedonism, you can’t go wrong with a signature piece from Shiri Zinn's bondage line. Inspired by the erotic designer's African roots while aspiring to British luxury, the newest range - like all her ranges - pays utmost attention to quality, innovation and detail; the three cornerstones of her brand.

Perfect romantic gifts of pleasure and bespoke sex tools, each piece honed to unleash the depths of female pleasure and push the boundaries of erotic experimentation in the bedroom. Shiri Zinn luxury sex toys hold true fine art value; no two pieces ever exactly alike. What you are buying is a piece of handmade erotic luxury as unique as the lover you buy it for. The brand imbues authenticity and spiritual eroticism for its users that no mass-produced brand can hope to rival. Her twenty-two year body of work centres itself on modern-day perceptions of sexual empowerment through a dynamic fusion of art, jewellery, fashion and accessories.

Be revolutionary and enjoy yourself in kinky, colourful, luxurious adult play with beautiful glass dildos, sparkly mouth-gags, limited edition whips & funky BDSM paddles. Own your pleasure and display your unique Shiri Zinn erotic toys with pride on your mantelpiece. 

"Shiri Zinn brand champions the belief that only through quality and originality of design can one truly challenge sexual prejudice and uncover unexpected glamour in eroticism."