Luxury Glass Dildos

Our beautiful range of handcrafted glass dildos are handmade from highest quality British glass. Each piece has its own unique pattern and shape so you’re buying a one-off erotic glass toy packaged in a luxurious handmade gift box, lined with satin. Some toys come encrusted with real Swarovski jewels in pink, amber, deep purple or aqua glass. Each piece uniquely crafted… no two exactly alike! 

These large, unusually heavy glass dildos guaranteed to hit the G-spot, provide intense orgasmic stimulation! Their appeal comes from the erogenous, undulating shape along their penetrative length, coupled with the opportunity for temperate play - used warm or chilled - for an exhilarating G-spot experience. They are testament to the heavyweight nature of British hand molten solid glass that yields firmer pressure than other erotic glass toys do: They TRULY are a good deal heavier, giving a more “weighty feel” for sensual play...

These luxury glass dildos can be purchased alone or with our fashionable BDSM bondage kits allowing you to create bespoke erotic gifts from a full range of chokers, ankle cuffs, strap-on dildos, strapon harnesses, spanking paddles, gags, blindfolds and restraints in a stunning array of colours to match your high end glass dildo or butt plug too. Order something beautiful today that is uniquely handmade and exudes luxury!