Faux Leather BDSM Chokers

Shiri Zinn designs her collars to equally be a declaration of submission or transfer of power as they are a modern-day fashion statement, encompassing both eroticism and empowerment. Challenge prejudice and preconceived notions relating to sexuality with this exquisite range.

This collection of beaded couture chokers is a signature piece of our exclusive luxury bondage range, featuring couture and erotic design. Every choker is finely crafted from smooth vegan-friendly faux leather and decorated with ornate beaded tassels. The design is inspired from Shiri Zinn’s personal African roots.

Chokers have the option for chains or leads to be added. This encapsulates the submissive side of a dominant and submissive relation. Restraint, role-play, and pain for pleasure are just some of the erotic practices involved, with the choker necklace largely about an exchange of power and getting a thrill from forfeiting control.