Conceptual designer Shiri Zinn centres her work on modern-day perceptions of eroticism and empowerment. Her work represents a very dynamic fusion of art, jewellery, fashion, accessory and product design. It challenges the boundaries between what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable for FASHION consumption and questions value judgments made by key influencers in media, product and fashion industries. Shiri Zinn believes through quality and originality of design we can challenge prejudice and preconceived notions about sexuality. She intends to challenge these prejudices and uncover the unexpected glamour in this marketplace through the medium of design.

A selection of finely crafted high end limited edition erotic pieces includes:

  • Handcrafted pink or red molten solid glass dildo with marabou feather tail, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver stand.
  • Handcrafted black molten solid glass dildo with sterling silver stand.
  • Handcrafted double-ended aqua and black solid glass dildo with 60 Swarovski crystal studded band.
  • Handcrafted natural Brazilian quartz crystal dildo with sterling silver stand.
  • Handcrafted 1 meter fine turquoise snakeskin whip with diamond studded handle and blue zircon set stone.
  • Handcrafted hair flail whip with 500 Swarovski studded crystal handle.

All silver is hallmarked and made by Formula One trophy makers.

Each piece is stamped with a limited edition number and engraved with the artist's signature.

Shiri Zinn uses the highest quality Darlington crystal glass made in England for a heavier feel than Pyrex, which is wonderfully receptive to warm and cold sensations.

Feather is a profoundly sensual material, while diamonds have seduced us for centuries...

Shiri Zinn is a postgraduate of Central Saint Martins School of Fashion, which has always been a stable for the outrageous, innovative and avant-garde. Her ten years of study in the field of design have earned her 2 BA Honours Degrees: one in Fine Arts and one in Fashion Design with Marketing (CSM), and a Masters Degree in Jewellery for Fashion (CMS).

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Selling Sex exhibition, SHOWstudio Gallery, Mayfair, 2012
  • Manifesta 8 European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Murcia, Spain, 2011
  • London Fashion Week, February 2010
  • Museum of Sex, 5th Avenue, New York, 2008.
  • Seduce Exhibition, Barbican Art Gallery, London 2007-2008.
  • LA Erotic Museum, 2005.
  • Selfridges Body Craze Exhibition (London, 2003) where her whips made additional appearances in London's Oxford Street window display.
  • Top 10 finalist, International Bombay Sapphire Glass Awards, 2003.
  • International Erotic Award 2002.

TV Exposure

  • "GMTV" feature (UK)
  • "The Graham Norton Show" (UK)
  • "Slave" Fashion Documentary (UK)
  • Paris Fashion TV (France)
  • "Naked NY" Time Warner feature (USA)
  • Canadian T.V. features
  • Reuters T.V. (South America)
  • VH1 "The Fabulous life". (USA)
  • MTV (Italy)
  • Search