Limited Edition Flail Whip


Hair Braid Flail Whip with 500 Swarovski Crystal Studded Handle


  • Made from the finest black synthetic hair braids, plated metal and Swarovski crystals
  • Each of the 500 Swarovski crystals is individually set by a DeBeers trophy setter and displays remarkable bespoke quality
  • This exquisite whip is a one-off creation. No other exists like it!
  • This collector's item has been published in design books and exhibited in museums worldwide!
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Shiri Zinn created this one-off Limited Edition Flail Whip with 500 Swarovski crystal studded handle as part of her unique, deluxe Limited Edition Couture Collection. Each Swarovski crystal is individually handset in an outstanding pave pattern by a DeBeers Trophy Award diamond setter of outstanding craftsmanship ability. The Swarovski embellished dome handle is topped with miniature golden ball reminiscent of a magical wand!

Finely braided Japanese synthetic hair braids are beautifully burnt & hand finished at their individual ends creating immaculately pointed tips that achieve a “sting” for added BDSM delight! When buying this Shiri Zinn Limited Edition Flail Whip you quite literally buy into 21ST Century art & design history; acquiring a time piece nobody else will ever have…The one-off flail has featured in several coffee table books & exhibited in prestigious galleries & museums. A collector’s piece of refined beauty and unique functionality!