The Black Choker Diaries – Part 18 – The First Time

When the man moves her eyes follow, remaining locked at waist height. “Haven’t you got bored of staring at my husband’s cock?” The woman’s voice is as playful as her words are threatening, and when she looks shamefacedly up at her face, she sees a smile on her delicate lips.  

“I'm sorry.” She says, she can’t help it; they treat her as though she’s one of their erotic sex toys, yet they treat her as a treasure too. 

Once he's behind her, at first she feels him touch the spreader bar then feels her legs pressed even further apart. When he lets go she tries to close them but he has locked the bar at this new width holding her even further open.  

“Do you want my husband to fuck you?” she caresses their beautiful captive, starting at her neck and then passing down over her fetish collar. “Remember how telling the truth feels?” and uses her fingertips to gently trap the centre of her pleasure, and once she has it trapped she slowly swirls. 

She looks down, unable to face the woman's eyes while she answers. When she does, she can’t help but see the woman’s breasts pressing through her blouse and wondering if they are as sensitive as her own right now as their tips are as achingly stiff. “Yes.” She breathes in a barely audible voice. 

“And do you want me to?” The girl doesn’t speak, but she does move in time with the woman’s artful touch, “Maybe with my hands or some exotic adult toys?”  

She looks at the woman with half seeing eyes, she’s imagined her first Sapphic experience a hundred times, and the woman is as beautiful and as confident as in any of those fantasies. Her mind wants to answer but the feeling of being so bound and so touched holds her silent even after she resolves to confess that she does.  

The man positions himself so close that she imagines she can feel his immaculate clothes and even the hardness of his body and his... 

Then his hands join the woman's on her body, and she anticipates them teasing her to the edge of madness once more and resigns herself to it. She knows her reply but she still can’t summon up the power of speech and instead their voices carry her forward, “As you love the things at I could use one of the lovely things they sell on your beautiful body,” she bends and whispers in her ear, “I have one of their strap on dildos.” Before kissing her expectant lips as the man’s strong hands claim her. 

His fingers enter her from behind again and he presses the pad of his thumb onto her rosebud then his deep voice murmurs, “And you know what happens if you don’t answer...”

She feels a momentary jolt as he uses his free hand to pinch one of her nipples… 

The brief sensation tips her over, and she surrenders to their touch and her dreams and cries, “Yes!” as, with her body held open by her bonds and in the throes of her ecstasy, they give up teasing and use all their arts to draw out her pleasure. 

As the waves of her storm rise and fall she knows she’s surrendering herself, she knows she’s alive like never before and she knows nothing else but her bonds and their touch. 

To be continued... 

Master E