She says – He Does – Part 10 - The Taking Continued

She pushes, but not too hard, just enough to ask the tight muscular rings the question, and to remind his mind of his status. Then all she has to do is wait, caress and encourage, his entrance eases, welcoming the penetration as her voice and her fingers soothe, and before long, she’s sliding into him with her pink strapon taking possession of him in a way that no one else has. No matter who or what else, she will always be his first.

There was a time when she used to wonder why her phone could be set to make a clicking sound like an old-fashioned camera when she took photographs. But now she understands. Every time she takes a picture he hears, and she sees and feels him wince at the humiliation.

She photographs his penetrated anus, and his face, holds the phone out to one side and takes a series of pictures until she's happy that she has captured both in the same frame, then has him repeat the words, "Thank you for taking my virginity Mistress." While she slides the luxury bdsm sex toy back and forth inside him and the phone records every detail.

It takes an effort of will for her not to cum as he says it. The sight of his stiff cock throbbing while his eyes brim with tears of shame is the hottest thing she has seen in a long while. She knows how to angle herself, and how to move the pink dildo inside him to press it against the right spot, and she makes sure to capture his reaction when its tip finds his male G spot, and she rocks her hips until she feels him moving against her, inviting her to be more forceful. “Have you ever felt anything inside you before?”

“N-no, Oh God, No Mistress.”

“Do you like me doing this to you?”

“Y-yes Mistress.”

 “Look at my reflection in the mirror.”

He does as instructed; and she rewards his obedience by thrusting down again, then, because she loves the way his nostrils flare and his cock swells when the tip hits his insides just right, she carries on. It’s hard work, and certainly not something she’d deign to do with her other clients, but... she smiles, and thrusts harder, then holds still deep inside him with her hips pressing against his cute little bum.

She holds this position while she reaches down and picks up the penis sleeve, “Do you know what this is?”

“Ugh, is it a fleshlight Mistress?”

“What a clever boy you are, kiss it for me and I’ll show you what it does.” She holds it in front of his lips, and he dutifully kisses it, and as he does she grinds against him and the pressure amplifies the warm heat she feels as she watches him submit. Then she murmurs, “Such a good boy.” As she places its entrance over the swollen head of his cock.

Of course, he tries to enter it, but she’s waiting and she takes it away, then uses her free hand to tweak one of his nipples. It makes him yelp in pain, and that makes her smile, “Uh-huh. Wait!” The next time he stays still while she teasingly slides the toy over his erection, and slowly strokes it in time with her renewed rocking.

The way his body responds is so complete, so guileless, that she’s tempted, but suspects that if she does make him cum, then he’ll be too sensitive to be able to endure some of the other games she wants to play. Instead, she decides to just take him close, and leave him begging...

To Be  Continued…

Master E