She Says... He Does–Part 09 - The taking

The nervousness is always the problem with the first time… the problems and the pleasure… making her take her time, making her seduce and feelingtheir surrender. The handcuffs for ankles hold him in the perfect position, but his virgin entrance hasn’t learned to relax… to welcome its mistress yet.

She knows how though… the trick of teaching him to accept her fake cock into his mouth first for example, having him tilt his head up, and sliding the bright red and gold ceramic piece between his lips works wonders on his mind… When she moves behind him, despite his virginity, he angles himself in readiness, sending a thrill right through her…

Stroking his back she croons, “What a good boy you are.” Before she opens the lube and generously applies it to her beautiful new toy, to the fleshlight turbo, his entrance and his aching cock. Here too she knows the perfect lube to use, exactly how to touch…She doesn’t push into him until he starts to press back, and even then waits, taking her time to deliver a stinging slap to his bum with a bdsm flail and take a firm grip on his ball sack as she admonishes him to hold still… Then, when she does press past the tight muscular ring she remains silent, focuses on his breathing, his exhalation, the sound of his surrender….his first surrender, something no other person will experience.

When she pushes deeper, he presses against her, and though she would be within her rights to admonish him again, she chooses to enjoy his acceptance, curls her finger towards the sensitive gland inside him and applies pressure… Once more she pauses, listens to him, feels him around her finger, squeezes his sack and presses her knuckles into his now ferociously stiff root.

A part of her mind wants to rush, to drive her fake cock into him and, if needs be, use the sleeve to finish as she takes him hard, but she doesn’t deny either herself or him the fully drawn out experience. Instead, she leans forward and whispers “Are you ready for me?” even though she knows he is.

His body answers her before he can find words. She drinks in another surge of stiffness, a pulsing around her intruding digit, and a low sigh before the words, “Yes Mistress!” escape his eager lips.

She gives his prostate one more squeeze and kisses his back before she withdraws her finger and lines up the head of the Shiri Zinn pink dildo he himself bought for her to take his virginity, against his now well lubricated entrance.

Despite his readiness he tenses as the cool ceramic touches his most sensitive skin, but she takes her time, knows the thrills she’s sending through the many nerve endings there, and knows with time and patience, a caress here, a squeeze there…She leans forwards and he breathes, and she times her rocking with his breathing…

To be continued….

Master E